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Throughout this year, from SS/15 to AW/15, music team PROJECT APJ had worked continuously with Fashion Designer Apu Jan. At the end of the year, PROJECT APJ reorganized all music projects they had produced for Apu Jan catwalk show and finally released the new album, Crystal Paradise. This album collects soundtracks from SS/15 and AW/15 inspired by the collection theme, “Deep in the Woods”. Music are produced with a mixture of non-electronic instruments such as piano, viola, drum, bass and vocal with electronic music. As the music is produced with various of styles, this album includes jazz, pop, and etc.


Over the past few seasons, music team, PROJECT APJ, had collaborated with fashion designer Apu Jan. This season, they boldly mixed non-electronic instruments with electronic music, presenting a series of vivid yet light-spirited songs, and received positive comments in London Fashion Week. In every season, music producer, Chi-Shuan Ying and Fashion Designer Apu Jan collaborated with a specific theme, simultaneously, one produce music, and the other produce the collection which, are what made every semi-annual show drew so much attention on worldwide events such as London Fashion Show.

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